The New Sana’a Housing Project (100m Street , Al Masajid Region in Sana’a City)

 Project Description:

The new Sana’a’s housing project in the capital Sana’a is one of the largest residential projects that Addiyyar International Real Estate Group has begun to implement, as the western gate of the capital Sana’a. The site of the project has been carefully selected after consulting experts, engineers and specialists. The residential blocks of the project were planned with unique designs that give its residents’ comfort and well-being in accordance with a modern model architectural vision that provides a distinctive living environment that meets all the aspirations of our customers,

Project Advantages:

– The project is located on the 100-meter road, which is the largest street in the capital Sana’a and connected to the regional highway and linted the capital to the most important commercial cities (Hodeidah).

The area is connected to the Sana’a-Hodeidah vital road and Addaeri road of the capital, starting from the project to Hadda Artil down al-Qadi.

– Basic services are available for future educational, health and business life and in our eagerness to provide the best to our customers. We have been planned the residential city with urban plans and  availability of land for public services as well as adopted large streets such as 40 meter street and 30 meter street.

– The project targets employees of government and private institutions with categories and prices that commensurate with low-income people

– The land of the project has fertile agricultural soil suitable for construction and housing.

– The land of the project is (free-land) and was purchased from its owners based on authentic and registered ownership documents from the competent authorities.

Project Site:

The new Sana’a’s residential project – Sana’a Addaeri road of the capital Sana’a 100 meter street connected to the Sanaa highways – to Hadda Artil.

How to subscribe in the Project:

Fill out the application form.

The customers shall pay the first payment around half the value of the land piece.

The customer is given an initial sales contract in the piece of land when he pays the first installment directly.

The customer is given official bonds sealed by Addiyyar group with all the amounts of payment.

For customers with (cash payment) have special advantages for choosing the land piece from the scheme without drawing lots.

For customers with (equal payment) have the right to choose the land piece from the scheme without drawing lots after cash payment.

For customers with (installments) have the right to choose the land piece from the scheme by drawing lots  at the end of the installment period.

Project Schemes:  6M4 – 7M4  

Lands Prices.

The price is not fixed and subject to the price of the place according to the mechanism and changes in time and quo status. To know more about the current price, please contact us or visit us in the group office.

Project Stages: (Stage II)

Project Status: Continuing

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