Al-Anwar Residential Project in Abs Town in Hajjah Governorate

  • Project Description:

Due to the picturesque view of Abs town on the sea and its vicinity to the international highway and we services, we have chosen the project as a model of our residential projects with a business prosperity in the future. .

  • Project Advantages:
  • The region has an integrated infrastructure of electricity, water, telephone, internal streets, and international highways.
  • The region has integrated service facilities, including a university, schools, health centers, industrial and commercial facilities, gardens and a kindergarten.
  • The land of the project is fertile agricultural and adjacent the international highways.
  •  The project was planned with the best engineering designs and adopted various residential and commercial blocks.
  • Project Site:

The project is located in Abs town in the industrial zone next to Abs University where the region is marked by the presence of many manufacturers and also the University of Abs, in addition to the international highway that connects Yemen with the Gulf states across Saudi Arabia – as well as its commercial activity making it one of the most developed and prosperous towns in Yemen. Attach pictures from to the site

Project Schemes: 

  • Pictures from the site of the Project:  pictures

How to subscribe in the Project:

Fill out the application form.

The customer is given an initial sales contract in the piece of land when he pays the first installment directly.

The customer is given official bonds sealed by Addiyyar group with all the amounts of payment.

For customers with (cash payment) have special advantages for choosing the land piece from the scheme without drawing lots.

For customers with (equal payment) have the right to choose the land piece from the scheme without drawing lots after cash payment.

For customers with (installments) have the right to choose the land piece from the scheme by drawing lots at the end of the installment period.

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Prices of Land Pieces.

The price is not fixed and subject to the price of the place according to the mechanism and changes in time and quo status. To know more about the current price, please contact us or visit us in the group office.

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