Addiyar International Group For Real Estate Investment, Trading and Contractions

We provide the best services and facilities to our clients according to the client’s request and desire


Al-Diyar Real Estate Group sells and purchases real estate from lands and others, works on planning engineering planning, and sells them in the easiest way of purchase to meet the aspirations of those who wish.


The group practices various trade activities in many governorates at the level of the Republic of Yemen from various commercial services to ensure the achievement of the foundations and standards of quality for the group’s clients


Al-Diyar Group is active in general works and contracting for houses, bridges and modern buildings, so as to ensure the achievement of the best plans for the works it supervises, contracting and completing in accordance with contracts and agreements with the relevant authorities

Message from General Director

Abdu Hasan Al-Kaedi

Life in the earth planet continues with the existence of the life of human being in it. The existence of human being can continue with water which is the source for life. As hunman beings, we in this planet need for stability and decent living. Today, many people seek to live in safe housing on their own lands because they sometimes live in villages and some other times in cities  and their life is recognized between moving, traveling and renting. 

In recognition of this, Addiyar Group has embarked on housing projects that contribute to providing easy services to the Yemeni citizens, fulfilling the  community service in light of instable economic situation and high rates of foreign currencies, which led to high rates of wages and purchase of properities in all Yemeni territories.

With Addiyar Group, it is not difficult now to own a piece of land in cash or installments. Everyone seeks to obtain a piece of land for the purpose of building, housing or investment. .

With us, your life may change for the better, and we are working to provide people with limited income with the easiest methods to buy their own piece of land in cash or comfortable installments and become the owners after they pay its full price.

Our largest project, the New Sanaa Housing project in the capital of Sana’a, is considered one of the best housing projects made available to all, from private and government sectors to individuals, so that we provide all the facilities for serving our customers and stand by their side until the final completion of their housing project.

With our projects, let’s  build your house.





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